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大きな特徴はレンズを覆う、リムと呼ばるパーツ。ヨーロッパで古くから伝わる装飾技法の一つで結婚指輪などの地金のエッジやラインに小さな丸い粒を連続して打刻するミル打ちとアンティークジュエリーでも多用されていたクラシカルで繊細な彫金模様のパーツを使用。3面見る方向で見え方を楽しめる。 またこのミルとはラテン語のミルグレインのことで千粒という意味。千には縁起の良い永遠、長寿などの意味が含まれる。普遍的なアイテムだからこそ説得力のあるパーツとなる。



NOCHINO OPTICALブランドを象徴する2カーブレンズはフラットでもなく一般的なカーブタイプでもない美しい曲面で昔の手削りガラスレンズの名残りがあり、光り輝く表面感で高級感が漂う。




01.Gloss Black & Gold x Clear to Grey (調光モデル)

02.Rich Amber & Gold x Grey Green to D.Grey (調光モデル)



YUGEN size guide

レンズ : 2カーブ 

ボディ : レンズ幅50mm ブリッジ幅20mm テンプル長147mm 


※ 商品の特性上、製品に欠陥がある場合を除き、返品・交換には応じません。




※ Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective.

※ Please note that we can not accept returns or cancel your order after the order has been submitted.



Sirmont is one of the most popular shapes among sunglasses.

Sirmont glasses have been reigning as a universal and classical accent for long time not only in Japan, but also all over the world.

Modified the traditional Sirmont shape to fit on Asian faces with lower nose bridge by adjusting the lens angle and size specs in detail.

Asian fit but still designed to fit non-Asian and all gender as well.

Noteworthy feature is the Migraine on the rim that covers the lens. Milgrain is one of the traditional European decorative technique that is the continuous engraved small grains often seen on the wedding rings and antique jewelries. Migraine decoration is engraved on 3 sides of the rim. Milgrain means “thousands of grains” in Latin, and thousand is auspicious number that stands for eternity and longevity. Compelling detail on universal piece. 

Sturdy and durable structure with quintuple hinges to connect the frame and the temples. 

Each part is hand-screwed for appropriate purposes by fine craftsmen in Sabae, Fukui. 

The 2-curve lenses symbolize the NOCHINO OPTICAL brand are neither flat nor ordinary curvy, but the beautifully curved surface that reminisce the old school hand finished glass lenses with luxury sheen.

Two different versions of photochromic lens that change the lens color under UV light represent the iconic feature of the brand.

Both the clear lens and the lightly colored grey-green lens turn grey when the sunlight hits the lenses.

Cloisonne brand icon is polished on the left temple.


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